Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thing 3

I had heard of Skype and never thought of using it in the classroom. I have a friend that is very active with charity work in Australia. Wouldn't it be cool to have her talk to the kids about where she is and who she is helping! I think it could also be useful in bringing experts into the classroom if you are on a tight budget or simply having trouble connecting schedules. Hmmm

Thing 2

Ok these were COOL! I loved Wordle and Glogster. Our fantastic librarian Susan introduced Wordle to the kids this year and three of my girls came back to school the next day with their own creations! How cool would it be for them to take a published work and put it in there to see which words they used the most. FUN! Loved the Glogster too. There are soooo many things the kids can do with it! They could do book reports, character studies, informational reports, anything really! I think the animoto would be great for the classroom. I got two cameras with a grant last year. This would be another great way for the kids to put their pictures together for a memorybook type thing. Bookr would be great as well. This year they created power points. It will be great for them to have another two great choices!